Graphene Manufacturing Group secures C$3.47 (over USD$ 2.5) million in funding

Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) has announced that it has closed a marketed public offering of units of the Company, for a total of CAD$3.47 million (around USD$2,522,000). 

The net proceeds of the Offering are expected to be used primarily to strengthen the Company's financial position and provide liquidity to ‎finance ongoing operations, including, in particular, the Company’s expenses incurred, and expected to be ‎incurred, in connection with the Company’s research and development objectives, and for working capital and general corporate purposes.

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Researchers propose "Universal Murray's Law" for synthetic materials

Researchers from the University of Cambridge, Tokyo Institute of Technology, University of Warwick and University of Namur have proposed a new materials theory based on "Murray's Law," applicable to a wide range of hierarchical structures, shapes and generalized transfer processes. 

The scientists experimentally demonstrated optimal flow of various fluids in hierarchically planar and tubular graphene aerogel structures to validate the proposed law. By adjusting the macroscopic pores in such aerogel-based gas sensors, they also showed a significantly improved sensor response dynamics. 

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Researchers develop graphene oxide spray coating for antiviral protection of face masks

Researchers at Spain's IMDEA Materials Institute, Rey Juan Carlos University and Valladolid University have developed a new spray coating to improve the antiviral efficacy of personal protective equipment, notably face masks.   

The team's system is based on nanoplatelets of graphene oxide (GO) spray coated via a simple one-step procedure over a poly(lactic acid) textile fabric, allowing a homogeneous coating. The incorporation of GO does not affect the textile structure nor its air permeability, while it increases its water contact angle, potentially preventing droplet trespassing. 

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AlterBiota raises USD$2.9 million for biographene concrete additive

Canada-based AlterBiota has received CAD$4 million (over USD$2,925,000) in seed funding to increase hiring and upgrade its commercial-scale facility to make a concrete additive based on its biographene material.

AlterBiota's CEO, Mark Masotti, is a chemical engineer who researched graphene’s ability to decarbonize concrete while on parental leave in 2019. Fascinated by its application, he explored the idea in his basement lab and applied for a provisional patent, then developed the idea into a company. Having conducted tests on its biographene and establishing a pilot plant, Masotti plans to go further in more than doubling his company's staff and building a scale-up plant.

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Tachmed partners with St George’s, University of London, to advance graphene-based health diagnostic platform

Tachmed, a UK-based developer of at-home digital healthcare solutions, has teamed up with experts in infection control at St George’s, University of London, to help accelerate the development of a new diagnostic platform for a range of health conditions, using graphene biosensor technology. 

During the four-month collaboration, funded by an Innovate UK Accelerated Knowledge Transfer grant, Dr. Henry Staines, senior lecturer in global health at the Institute for Infection & Immunity at St George’s, will provide critical knowledge exchange. This is expected to boost development of the technology by optimizing Tachmed’s biosensor, which is required to confirm if a pathogen is present or not within a patient sample.

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Sparc Technologies announces placement to raise USD$1.5 million

Sparc Technologies has announced it has received firm commitments to raise A$2.25M (around USD$1.49 million) through a share placement. 

Proceeds from the Placement will be used for supporting Sparc’s investment in Sparc Hydrogen, field trials and R&D programs to support product development and commercialization efforts for ecosparc®, R&D for sodium-ion batteries and other projects and General working capital.

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Researchers grow graphene nanoribbons in hBN stacks

Van der Waals encapsulation of 2D materials in hBN stacks could be a promising way to create ultrahigh-performance electronic devices. However, current approaches for achieving van der Waals encapsulation, which involve artificial layer stacking using mechanical transfer techniques, are difficult to control, prone to contamination and unscalable. 

Researchers at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Wuhan University, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, National Institute for Materials Science and Tel Aviv University recently reported the transfer-free direct growth of high-quality graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) in hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) stacks. The as-grown embedded GNRs exhibited highly desirable features being ultralong (up to 0.25 mm), ultranarrow (<5 nm) and homochiral with zigzag edges. 

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