EnyGy plans to launch graphene supercapacitor in 2024

Australia-based energy storage solutions developer EnyGy has been working on a graphene-enhanced supercapacitor that can provide "increased energy storage capacity within the same package size,  known as enhanced energy density, enabling the realization of compact, fast energy storage", according to CEO Wiehann de Klerk.

The Company stated that the supercapacitor, called enyGcap, is currently undergoing trials, with a market launch expected in 2024.


“Utilizing graphene technology, enyGcap combines compactness with impressive power. With its remarkable energy density, our product holds the promise to revolutionize energy storage across a  spectrum of applications, from electric vehicles and mass transit systems to data storage, wind turbine  emergency pitch control systems, industrial equipment like cranes and elevators, and even space exploration – providing efficient fast energy storage for high-current, short-duration charge and discharge cycles”, stated Mr. de Klerk.

EnyGy reportedly worked with UL Solutions to obtain third-party, science-backed certification for the enyCap product line.

The product combines activated carbon electrodes with state-of-the-art electrolytes, delivering three volts of power. 

Posted: Nov 15,2023 by Roni Peleg
Roger Jones (not verified)

You said:
"...delivering three volts of power."
Power is measured watts, not volts. The latter is a measure of electrical potential.
Of course, you know this. Thus, I presume you mean that the capacitor is a "max. 3 VDC unit" and that the power is delivered at up to 3 volts when charged, with voltage reducing at a time constant T = RC seconds, R being the load in ohms and C being the, presumed, "multi-farad" capacitance.

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