Finnlines adopts GIT Coatings' graphene-based hard foul release hull coating across its fleet

Finnlines, a leading shipping operator of freight and passenger services, has partnered with GIT Coatings to accelerate its decarbonization efforts by adopting XGIT-FUEL, an innovative graphene-based hard foul release hull coating, across its ro-ro and ro-pax fleets. 

Starting with their first vessel in 2022, Finnlines has already applied this high-performance hull coating to four vessels as part of a recently signed fleet agreement, reducing fuel consumption and emissions by around 7% compared to previously used coating.


Over the past decade, Finnlines has invested significantly in its sustainability initiatives, dedicating hundreds of millions of euros to enhancing vessel performance and reducing carbon emissions. These investments have included the introduction of new, more efficient vessels and the upgrading of existing ones with advanced energy-saving technologies. One of the most recent projects involves the application of the low-friction hull coating XGIT-FUEL across its fleet, which helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions by reducing vessel drag.

Thomas Doepel, VP and Deputy CEO at Finnlines, commented on the initiative: “Our commitment to sustainability is at the forefront of every decision we make. By integrating XGIT-FUEL into our fleet, we are not only reducing costs and advancing our environmental goals but also setting a new standard in the industry for environmental responsibility.”

XGIT-FUEL is a biocide-free, hard foul release coating that offers an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional toxic anti-fouling and soft-foul release hull coatings. In addition to reducing vessel drag, it incorporates graphene to enhance resistance to mechanical damage, making it more suitable for vessels sailing in icy conditions, and it can be cleaned without affecting the surface of the coating. Requiring only one layer, its application is more efficient compared to alternatives, and the temperature range for applying XGIT-FUEL, from -5 to 40°C, broadens the application period and enables Finnlines to enhance the performance of vessels scheduled for winter drydocking.

Maiko Arras, the Director of Business Development at GIT, stated, “Finnlines has been a great partner for us in many ways, and their openness to sharing data from their vessels has given us the opportunity to further validate the benefits of the coating. It has become clear that Finnlines has reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions by around 7% compared to the previous coatings on the vessels whose hulls have been coated with XGIT-FUEL”.

The application of XGIT-FUEL aligns with Finnlines’ broader strategy to enhance operational efficiency and sustainability, particularly under tightening regulatory conditions. The company plans to continue its partnership with GIT Coatings in the coming years, extending the use of XGIT-FUEL to additional vessels within its fleet, thus reinforcing its commitment to environmental stewardship and regulatory compliance.

Posted: May 09,2024 by Roni Peleg