Nanomaterial Brokerage

Graphene-Info has been the leading international graphene publication for over 5 years, with a readership of tens of thousands of professionals a month. We provide a multitude of services to the graphene market based on our extensive and up-to-date knowledge hub and close ties with industry leaders. Our consultancy services include market outreach assistance, nanomaterials brokerage, support for graphene initiatives, business development and more.

Finding your way through the fragmented graphene market can be challenging. There are many material types (such as graphene flakes, sheets, graphene oxide, and more) and dozens of graphene producers. Some market their materials as graphene while in fact it should have been called graphite, and the lack of standardization does not make this market any easier to navigate.

But we're here to help.

Graphene-Info offers the world's most complete graphene material directory - The Graphene Catalog. This first-of-its-kind catalog lists graphene materials available on the market, divided into categories

Researchers and developers that wish to acquire graphene materials for their projects, may find our nano material brokerage service most useful. We help you find the best materials for your project and the best production partner. We’ll work together to define the parameters of your desired materials, identify currently available graphene or other nanomaterials on the market, choose the best material for your needs and help you reach the right production partner and secure the best price.