Tata Steel

Tata Steel logoTata group is a multinational enterprise, headquartered in India, that includes over 100 independent operating companies. Tata Steel is considered as Tata Group's flagship company and is one of the leading steel producers in the world.

Tata Steel has been active in the field of graphene R&D for many years, with work that ranges from steel-related projects back in 2014, through releasing a graphene-based product range - the Tiscon Superlinks+ graphene-coated stirrups in 2017, to ongoing development and commercialization work.

Tata Steel offers several graphene and related materials, such as a unique few-layer reduced graphene oxide (rGO) film and twisted multi-layer graphene on nickel foil.

Company Address

Graphene Centre, W-254
Tata Steel Limited
Jamshedpur 831 007