MEGAMORPH demonstrates its graphene-based display technology at Displayweek 2024

The EU-funded MEGAMORPH project, which started in 2022, demonstrated its graphene-based display technology at Displayweek 2024.

The idea behind the project is to use CVD graphene sheets (produced by Graphenea, a partner in the project) as the semi-transparent membranes in a Interferometric Modulator Display. These kinds of displays use mechanical micro-mirrors as pixels that modulate the ambient light without using power to generate light. IMOD displays are promising as they can offer very low power operation and high density displays.


Several years ago Qualcomm aimed to commercialize IMD displays, using silicon materials and metal surfaces. These Qualcomm Mirasol displays were close to reaching the market (and a few actually shipped, for example in Qualcomm's Toq smartwatch) but the technology never succeeded and Qualcomm abandoned the effort (and later sold the technology to Apple that never commercialized it). Graphene enables higher density and is much more efficient (it takes less energy to control the graphene membrane). The project's researchers estimate that a graphene-based IMOD device (or GMOD device) may reach 12,000 PPI, which is very impressive.

Posted: May 30,2024 by Ron Mertens