PETRONAS launches ProTough+ to enhance composite material strength

Malaysian energy company PETRONAS has launched its third graphene-based solution, ProTough+,  under its Advanced Materials portfolio to capture new growth opportunities in line with its Energy Transition Strategy.

ProTough+ is an additive that enhances the strength of composite materials by improving their mechanical properties to achieve component light weighting, which is key in manufacturing and delivery of lower carbon solutions such as hydrogen mobility. Tests conducted on carbon fiber reinforced polymers enhanced with ProTough+ reportedly demonstrated an increase of more than 35% in tensile strength. This allows stronger composite parts to be manufactured with less materials, thus supporting fabrication of products that are lighter and more economical. 


“The creation of ProTough+ demonstrates PETRONAS’ commitment to continue innovating to provide better solutions that enhance operations, address business pain points, and create value towards supporting sustainability practices,” said PETRONAS Technology Ventures' Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Mahpuzah Abai, during the product launch.

In conjunction with the launch, which took place at the Advanced Materials Show in Birmingham, UK, PETRONAS Technology Ventures (PTVSB) and HyPerComp Engineering Inc have signed a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) to undertake further performance tests for potential deployment of the solution.

Under the collaboration with HyPerComp Engineering, which specializes in end-to-end designing and solutioning of high-pressured vessels, the parties will look into incorporating ProTough+ into the manufacturing process of composite overwrapped pressure vessels (COPVs).

“We look forward to providing business solutions with technology and innovation through our strategic collaboration with HyPerComp Engineering. We are confident that the outcome of our joint development will offer the competitive edge that meets the needs of our stakeholders and customers,” Dr. Mahpuzah added.

The JDA is a result of successful initial tests, in which ProTough+ enabled the composite material to reach up to 97% in delivered fiber strength, thereby increasing the burst pressure of high-pressured vessels by up to 5%. 

HyPerComp Engineering Chief Executive Officer, Daryl Thompson, noted: “We were impressed with the improvement in strength and durability that ProTough+ has delivered in the initial tests. We are excited to design lighter COPVs with this innovative and promising product from PETRONAS.”

ProTough+ is the third commercialized graphene-based solution by PETRONAS, following ProShield+ which strengthens coatings’ resistance, and ProCharge+ which extends li-ion battery lifespan.

Posted: Jun 23,2024 by Roni Peleg